About PSUR

The Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Pesticide Sales and Use Reporting Program (PSUR) is a subunit of the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Pesticide Management Education Program. PSUR was assembled in response to the Pesticide Reporting Law of 1996 (Environmental Conservation Law Article 33, Title 12). The law mandated that Cornell University work in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to develop a database to store statewide reported pesticide sale and application data. The group is responsible for the processing, management, and manipulation of all pesticide data beginning with the receipt of the electronic files from the data entry vendor and the pesticide businesses, and ending with the publication and reporting of the data to this website and the DEC.

Our data begins in 1997 and extends through the most current year that has been processed.

Program Resources

Summary Data

PSUR and DEC compile finalized annual reports of pesticide application and sales data.

In addition, PSUR provides, via our database searches, summarized data back to the 1997 report year, which include more current, preliminary data. You can generate reports by product (via EPA registration number) or by active ingredient – see top menu for search options. Searches can be filtered by state, county, and zip code, and by sales or applications. You can view results online or click the save icon on the toolbar to download reports.

PSUR provides county maps that summarize the data by year and product quantity (weight or volume) or active ingredient quantity. In addition, you can display either the quantity for the county as a whole or per square mile within the county.

Detail Data

Data with precise date and location information is available to qualified health researchers upon request (see the Data Information page for details).

Additional Resources

PSUR provides a data dictionary and data glossary in association with our databases.

Visit our Bibliography to see publications based on the PSUR data.


For questions, including accessing the data or processing data reports, contact us. To submit an annual pesticide report, please visit our electronic reporting service bureau. For a detailed description of the electronic reporting process, see our PRL service bureau documentation. For pesticide information, or pesticide safety information and application training, visit CCE’s Pesticide Safety Education Program.