Pesticide Sales and Use Reporting Staff Contact Information

For questions regarding the safe use of pesticides, please contact the Pesticide Management Education Program's Webmaster by email, or by calling (607)-255-1866. For New York State, a list of county extension offices is available from Cornell Cooperative Extension.

For questions regarding databases of pesticide sales and use within New York State, please contact PSUR at the address/phone number below.

The mailing address and phone/fax numbers for all PSUR personnel are:

95 Brown Rd, m/s 1001
Ithaca, NY 18450
(607) 255-9631

Individual email addresses for the current PSUR personnel are as follows:

Robert Warfield, IT Project Manager III

Frank Smith, Senior Programmer/Analyst

Chet Brion, Senior Programmer/Analyst


About PSUR

The PSUR Database Group was assembled in response to the Pesticide Reporting Law of 1996. The law mandated that Cornell University work in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to develop a database to store the reported pesticide data. The group is responsible for the processing, management and manipulation of all pesticide data beginning with the receipt of the electronic files from the data entry vendor and ending with the delivery of the pesticide reports to the Department.