Food Quality Protection Act

The Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA), passed by Congress in 1996, amends prior pesticide legislation to establish a more consistent, protective regulatory scheme, based on sound science. It mandates a single, health-based standard for all pesticides in all foods; provides special protections for infants and children; expedites approval of safer pesticides, and creates incentives for the development and maintenance of effective crop protection tools for American farmers. It also requires periodic re-evaluation of pesticide registrations and tolerances to ensure that the scientific data supporting pesticide registrations will remain up to date in the future.

Key Resources

New! Crop Profiles. Crop profiles are detailed documents describing the production of a specific commodity, including cultural practices, insect, disease, and weed pests, chemical and non-chemical controls, and alternatives to current controls. Our site contains crop profiles specific to New York State:

New! Now available is our Crop Profiler database application to assist in the production of Crop Profile reports. This application is intended to provide a "fill-in-the-blanks" template to ease the collection of profile data. It produces a word processing document that can later be edited to fit your specific needs. Macintosh and Windows downloads are available, along with user documentation.

We now have available a slide presentation that covers the FQPA in great depth. It is available in HTML and PowerPoint formats:

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